Oriental Pak Choi Misty F1

£0.90 / pack(s)

A perfect flavourful mini veg.  Misty will reach about 15cm tall and features a pale green stems topped by broad rich green leaves.  Neat compact plants are perfect for small spaces.  Price for 50 seeds. 

SOW: at any time between May and September.  It would be a shame to use this variety for baby leaves but if that is what you plan then sow in situ otherwise start in modules and plant out 10-15cm apart.

GROW:  keep the roots moist as drought can trigger flowering.  In cooler areas protecting plants in the autumn with cloches will extend the season although this variety will succumb to penetrating frosts.

EAT: you can be eating these from June to the end of October (into November in a milder area). Allow them to grow on to mature mini-size dense heads that are super when cooked. The leaves, stems and any flowering shoots are all edible

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