Oriental Pak Choi Hanakan F1

Oriental Pak Choi Hanakan F1

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PAK CHOI HANAKAN F1 ~ super variety: sweet flavoured and compact with tender green stems and dark green leaves 50 seeds SOW: best sown June to August, later sowings will need protection as the weather cools. You can sow in modules and plant out when young (ideal if sowing in succession), or sow in situ and use the thinnings in salads or replant GROW: space 15-20cm apart. Keep the roots moist as drought can trigger flowering. Hanakan will give you delicious whole head mini veg and, if cut 2cm above the ground, Hanakan will resprout to give you even more sweet, tasty greens. EAT: whole heads can be braised. You can also slice them for salad and stir fry use or for adding o soups and stews

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