New Season Special Offers

New Season Special Offers

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The weather might be cooling down but there are plenty of choices for sowing and growing in October that will help keep you supplied with fresh food over the weeks and months ahead.  This collection features speedy salads for the warmer autumn days, choices that can be in salads or cooked and others that will overwinter for a tasty spring crop.

One packet each of:

Corn Salad Vit

Lettuce Winter Density

Spinach Trombone NEW

Spring Onion Eiffel

Pea Avola


Simply sow now, just £2.65

£2.65 *

In stock

This year has been brilliant for pumpkins and this collection will mean you are ready for next year.  Ready to sow them and give them a great start and ready to do more with them than carve Halloween lanterns!  Soups are superb but have you tried cutting the flesh into chunks and roasting them in the same way you roast potatoes?  And what about pumpkin fritters that you can choose to eat as a pudding or for breakfast?

One packet each of:

Baby Pam

Connecticut Field

Naples Long


3 fabulous varieties  for £1.75

£1.75 *

In stock

Discover the hidden beauty of endive – nestling within each plant are mild flavoured inner hearts: simply cut off the whole head (leave plant to resprout) and pull away the outer leaves to reveal them.  A brilliant cool season crop that can cope under cloches down to -10.  You can eat them in salads but at this time of the year we are cooking them (pan fried, braised or steamed)

One packet each of:

Blond Full Heart

Catalogna Garnet Stem

Cornet De Bordeaux


special offer price £1.50

£1.50 *

In stock

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