How do I pay for my seeds?

There are three main ways to pay for your seeds.


 Paypal is the fast,safe and secure online method: they are one of the most established and respected online payment providers in the country. Remember Paypal accepts all major Bank Cards.

Credit or Debit Card these payments are handled via Sagepay one of the leading U.K. payment providers.

If you prefer not to pay online you can select payment by cheque or P.O. when you reach the checkout; then simply post us your payment. If you choose this option it can take a little longer for your seeds to arrive while your cheque is received by us and clears. 

What does naturally nurtured seed really mean?

                These seeds have been grown and harvested in an environmentally sensitive way to the highest organic standards. The crops were hand maintained and weeded without the use of artificial chemicals or fertilisers. The seeds themselves were harvested using traditional methods and no chemicals were used in the cleaning process.

All the varieties that were in our organically sourced range and now available in our naturally nurtured range.


What about the rest of your seeds?

                All our other seed varieties are what is termed natural seed.  These grown and harvested using more modern methods but the seeds themselves are not treated with chemicals.


Are any of your seeds genetically modified?



What is an F1?

                These are hybrid seeds that are produced by crossing two parent varieties to get plants that have exceptional vigour, quality and uniformity.  They are often also more disease resistant.  Sometimes our F1 varieties are more expensive or contain fewer seeds.  This reflects the additional cost of producing these seeds.


What is open pollinated?

                This simply means that the parent plants were pollinated by the natural process of bees and other insects going about their business.


Do you charge for postage and packing?

                On UK seed only orders over £15.00 there is no charge.  For orders less than this or orders including Gift items, please look at our postage and packing rates here.

Do you ship outside the U.K.?

                Due to rules changes at the end of December 2020 we are not able to send outside the U.K.