Beans Unusual

Beans Unusual

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Asparagus Pea

Attractive red flowers followed by eye-catching angular pods (25 seeds)

£1.00 / pack(s)
Still in stock

New Climbing Italian Bean Marvel of Venice

Wonderful rich buttery sweet flavour (20 seeds)

£2.00 / pack(s)
In stock

Dalmatian Bush Bean

Remarkable heirloom, beautiful and delicious, about 45cm tall   (40 seeds) 

£2.75 / pack(s)
In stock

Dwarf French Bean Canadian Wonder (Kidney)

For lovely red kidney beans perfect for chilli con carne.  (40 seeds)

£1.50 / set(s)
In stock

Lablab Bean

Wonderful tall choice, delicious beans, fragrant blooms   (30 seeds)

In stock


Planet friendly exfoliating bath sponges… or for eating!  (6 seeds)

£1.25 / pack(s)
In stock