Beans Unusual

Beans Unusual

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Asparagus Pea

Attractive red flowers followed by eye-catching angular pods (25 seeds)

£1.00 / pack(s)
In stock

New Climbing Italian Bean Marvel of Venice

Wonderful rich buttery sweet flavour (20 seeds)

£1.50 / pack(s)
In stock

Dalmatian Bush Bean

Remarkable heirloom, beautiful and delicious, about 45cm tall   (40 seeds) 

£2.75 / pack(s)
In stock

New Edamame Green Shell

Very reliable, with a nutty flavour(40 seeds)

£2.00 / pack(s)
In stock

Dwarf French Bean Canadian Wonder (Kidney)

For lovely red kidney beans perfect for chilli con carne.  (40 seeds)

£1.50 / set(s)
In stock

Lablab Bean

Wonderful tall choice, delicious beans, fragrant blooms   (30 seeds)

In stock

Yard Long Bean Asparagus Green

Crisp, tender and delicious.   (40 seeds)

In stock


Planet friendly exfoliating bath sponges… or for eating!  (6 seeds)

£1.25 / pack(s)
In stock