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30 wonderful New Season Offers and 3 special October offers available now   

                                                      (30 new season offers) (3 October offers)





    pea_douce_provence  leaf_beet_erbette  cauliflower_all_year_round

Enjoy autumnal sowing and growing this October: one packet each of Pea Douce Provence, Cauliflower All Year Round, Collard Flash F1, Leaf Beet Erbette and Spinach Giant Winter

Super value at £3.00



                                                   strawberry_white_soul       strawberry_atilla

                    Small and delightful, one packet each of Atilla, White Soul & Wild Strawberry.


Enjoy all 3 for £1.90



              sweet_pea_gwendoline  sweet_pea_Beaujolais  Sweet_Pea_Flagship                                                    

Fragrant and beautiful colours, one packet each of Beaujolais, Flagship & Gwendoline

      Super choice all 3  for £3.30


Also A Great selection New Season Collections Including....  


   radish_Hailstone_1  RADISH_RED_MEAT        



Zesty flavour with a colourful twaist, one packet each of Fakir, Hailstone, Purple Plum and Watermelon .

       Super choice all 4  for £2.40



         Information for Orders  From EU Countries  


As the UK’s exit from the EU has been delayed to the end of October 2019 we are pleased able to accept E.U. orders again. 





          Fantastic Choices in Both Popular and Unusual Varieties

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Tomatoes 60 Tasty Choices          Carrots 30+ Tasty Choices               Chilli many hot Choices


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 Unusual Beans and pods             Huge Herb Section with 70+       Fantastic Range of 130+ Flower Choices 


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You have found the best place for affordable high quality seeds to sow, grow, eat and enjoy. Look out for lots of new choices amongst our range of over a thousand choices of vegetables, herbs, flowers and green manures.  All are packed in perfectly sized packets for garden growers, with lots of growing information and ideas for eating. Our monthly special offers and seed collections will help you save money too.








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