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Glorious pumpkins and you will always know which one is which… from the tiny Baby Boo to Mammoth Gold with some Charisma to make your 2024 pumpkin patch the best ever.  This collection contains one packet each of...


Baby Boo ~ just the right size to sit in the palm of your hand, a charming & tasty one pot pumpkin.  Perfect for a pumpkin patch where it will scramble around and produce about 10 miniature fruits per plant (3 seeds)

Charisma F1 ~ these bold shiny-orange fruits are real ribbed “lookers” with a good flavour, they average around 4kg.  They are a semi-bush type and are more likely to stay in one place! (3 seeds)

Mammoth Gold ~ features in this month’s spotlight and could be in your pumpkin patch!  With perfect conditions you could be the proud grower of a 45kg pumpkin… however, in the UK, you are more likely to be very happy with some much more manageable 9-12kg fruits.  All will have a smooth orange skin, only slightly ribbed, with tasty pale orange flesh.  (3 seeds).

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Pumpkin Baby Boo
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Pumpkin Charisma F1
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Pumpkin Mammoth Gold
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