Frilly Leaf Mix (Baby Leaves)

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Enjoy a delicate froth of leaves with a fresh burst of flavour.  Featuring varieties such as Red Lace and Green Frills lots of indented, serrated and curled leaves are given are the limelight with flavours that steal the show.  The varieties are selected to have similar growing rates, ready for eating in about 4 weeks in the summer (allow longer to grow during late autumn to early spring). Price for sufficient seed for 2 normal seed trays. 

SOW & GROW: at almost any time of the year on a window sill or in a green house.  From late spring to early autumn you can sow outside. 

EAT: simply snip with scissors, a quick rinse and your salad is ready.  From growing to eating in little more than a month this is the best fast food you can have!

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