Astra (Baby Leaf Rocket)

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This little British bred super star can be on your plate 3 weeks from sowing.  Price for 100 seeds.

SOW & GROW: at any time of the year but best with protection from late autumn to early spring.  At these times it can be grown in a cool greenhouse, cold frame or under cloches.  Astra is suitable for container growing: successional sowing will keep you going almost all year round.  Picking frequently encourages new growth and discourages bolting in warmer weather (Astra is bolt resistant).  You can treat it as cut-&-come-again – cut about 3cm above the ground and it will sprout more than once.

EAT: enjoy the traditional peppery rocket flavour of Astra in your salad or try it wilted as an alternative to (or indeed mixed with) spinach.

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