Rubino F1 (Baby leaf Spinach)

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The pretty red-veined spoon shaped leaves of Rubino will brighten up your salad mixes: the veins are a brighter colour in the spring and autumn, but the flavour is lovely all year round. And with leaves ready in just over 3 weeks this is a brilliant speedy choice.  Price for 100 seeds. 

SOW & GROW: your first sowing can be as early as February (protect with cloches or sow in a greenhouse for the most tender of leaves at this time of year). You can continue to sow at any time to the end of September.  By sowing a little seed every few weeks you can have a regular supply of leaves through the spring, summer and autumn.  This baby leaf is best sown in situ: you can trim with scissors and let it regrow but it is easier to sow a little and often! 

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