June Sowing Guide

BEANS, BEANS AND MORE BEANS!!! Dwarf and Climbing French Beans and Runner Beans! And don’t forget PEAS including mangetout, sugar snap and snow peas.  Broad Bean Express Eleonora can also be sown in June.

Summer marks the beginning of the growing year for lots of the Oriental Greens: there is an Early Orientals special offer this month don’t forget to look at these…

Chinese Amaranth

Chinese Broccoli & Chinese Cabbage

Entsai & Komatsuna

Malabar, Mibuna & Minutina

Mizuna & Mustard Leaf


Okahijiki & Orach                 

Pak Choi & Shungiku

…and then there are all of these too…

Artichoke Romanesco & violet de Provence (for flowering next year)

Baby Leaves – lots of individuals or mixes are available

Beetroot – for summer salads or winter pickles!

Broccoli & Broccoli Raab

Brussel Sprout Medio Enana De La Halle

(it is not too late for your own Christmas sprouts!)

Cabbages – Early Jersey Wakefield, Elisa, Golden Acre (in the 3Cs

 June collection), Tendersweet, Tundra & Winter King

Calabrese – lots of choice for harvesting THIS year

Carrots – lots & lots of choice – watch out for a July collection


Celery Leaf, Celeriac Del Veneto & Celtuce

Chicory – for a crunch in your salads

Corn Salad - D’Orlanda & Verte De Cambrai are tasty leafy greens

(not corn!)

Courgettes – Alfesco, All Green Bush, Ambassador, Bianca Di Trieste,

Boldenice, Costata Romanesco, Defender, Sunstripe &

Tondo Chiaro Di Nizza

Cress & American Land Cress

& Watercress (no running water needed)    


Florence Fennel – Romanesco & Sweet Florence

Kale – for this year and next

Kohl Rabi

Leaf Beat - for salads and puddings

Leek Blue Solaise – my favourite to crop in the spring

Lettuce – 34 varieties for a luscious summer of salads

AND a June Butterhead offer

Marrow Bush Baby

Onion North Holland Bloodred Redmate


Pumpkin Casperita

Summer Purslane

Radishes - for crunch (& bite!)

Rocket - to add more spice just add more rocket!

Spinach & New Zealand Spinach

Spring Onions – perfect for summer sowing

Swede - for winter harvest

Sweetcorn - sow in June for September-October harvesting


Texel Greens & Turkish Rocket – also for salads

… and don’t forget…

Green Manures

Herbs: Anise, British Basil, Borage, Chervil, Coriander, Perilla & Stridolo

And flowers: Ammi Majus, Calendula Snow Princes, Cosmos, Hollyhock, Malva, Night Scented Stocks, Obedient Plant, , Sweet Williams and finally the amazing FLOWER MIXES are also perfect for June sowing