Dalmatian Bush Bean

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This is a remarkable heirloom variety originating in central America.  With its long history comes a plethora of names: Calypso, Orca and Yin Yang amongst others.  What hasn’t changed are the glossy black and white plump beans (beautiful) and their flavour: makes delicious dishes whether eaten as a green or fresh bean or after drying and shelling.  Once you see these you will understand why we always make sure we dry some for adding to winter meals.  Grow them as you would a dwarf French bean, they only reach 45cm tall, keep them well watered.  As they are so short you can grow these in containers. Harvest the green pods before the beans start to swell, or for fresh beans wait for them to swell but pick and shell whilst the pods are still green.  For dried beans harvest when pod is dry and the bean cannot be dented with fingernail but if rainy weather prevents them from drying they can be picked and dried indoors.            

Price for 40 seeds. 

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