Dwarf French Bean Canadian Wonder (Kidney)

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This heirloom variety is the true red kidney bean that everyone knows from chilli con carne.  To enjoy these you will need to leave the pods on the plants however you don’t need to wait for the end of the season.  Pick them when they start to yellow (and your plants will keep cropping), shell them and leave them overnight and the beans will turn from pink to deep ‘kidney bean red’; now pop them in the freezer and these can then be cooked from frozen.  If you want to dry your beans then the pods will need to be left on the plants to dry naturally and then the dried beans can be stored in airtight jars.  Dried Kidney Beans need to be soaked overnight before cooking.

Of course you can grow these to use as a French bean: pick the heavy crops of attractive bright green pods when they are small and young, they are just packed with excellent flavour. Gorwn for either crop your plants will reach 30-50cm tall and ought not need supporting.

Price for 40 seeds. 

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