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This unusual Japanese green is very easy to grow. With tight clusters of long, narrow, rounded dark green leaves, it will grow to 30cm tall. It has a lovely light spicy flavour which you can enjoy in salads or lightly cooked and seasoned making it productive and versatile. It likes growing in the cooler weather of spring and autumn but it can grow very successfully all year round.  Price for 50 seeds

SOW: outside from April to October or with protection in March.  You can plant in modules for transplanting

GROW: for cut-&-come-again salad use transplant to 10-15cm spacing.  To grow larger plants for stir fries allow a little more space - planting at about 20cm apart.    Mibuna is fast growing – crop plants from as early as four weeks after sowing! Harvest regularly so that it does not run to seed.

EAT: for salads use whole young leaves or shred larger leaves.  You can lightly cook Mibuna by steaming or adding to a stir fry.  It is an ideal choice to serve with fish and rice dishes.

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