Oriental Okahijiki

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Okahijiki [Salsola komarovii]  is an unusual and beautiful plant to harvest when it is young. It has intricately branched spikes of fleshy, bright green, slender leaf stems that give rise to an alternative name, seaweed on land. Add this to your salad for taste and texture, crispy and juicy, alternatively saute briefly or steam and serve while still crispy as an ideal accompaniment to fish. Price for 50 seeds

SOW: in spring & summer (other times of the year with protection) starting the seeds in modules, 3-4mm deep, keep moist (not soggy, germination takes 7-14 days

GROW: plant out when large enough to handle into the vegetable garden or containers.  Ready to harvest after just 6 weeks or when it reaches 10cm tall.

EAT: generally we use this in salads or serve it with fish (sauté or steamed).  Use in Japanese cooking and with marinated fish or meat.  You can also blanch Okahijiki in salt water for one minute then rinse in ice-cold water before eating.

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