Red Wizard F1 (Baby Leaf Pak Choi)

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 Red Wizard is one of the fastest baby leaves you can grow at 20-25 days and still full of flavour and goodness combined with a rich colour that is retained through hotter weather.  Price for 100 seeds. 

SOW & GROW: at almost any time of the year although winter crops will need protection.  You can sow a pinch in a pot every week to give you a meal at a time or sow a short row weekly and harvest as you need them: those that are left will simply grow larger but harvest by 7 weeks.  They prefer a sunny position, sow 5mm deep, and keep the roots moist particularly in dry weather and remember to protect from snails!

EAT: pop into salads or stir fry adding towards the end of cooking with stems needing about a minute longer than the leaves

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