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Make the most of September warmth with these fast and flavourful baby leaves to keep your salads gorgeous and fresh from your garden.  This collection contains one packet each of...

Red Wizard (Pak Choi) ~ for salads or stir fry, 20-25 days

Italiko Rosso (chicory) ~ cut-&-come-again once 5-7cm tall

Catalogna Cerbiatta (lettuce) ~ well flavoured oakleaf in 40 days

Astra (rocket) ~ allow 3 weeks for a peppery perk 

This includes the following individual products

Baby Leaf Pak Choi Red Wizard F1
1 pack(s)
£0.90 / 1 pack(s)
Baby Leaf Italiko Rosso Chicory
1 pack(s)
£0.60 / 1 pack(s)
Baby Leaf Lettuce Catalogna Cerbiatta
1 set(s)
£0.75 / 1 set(s)
Baby Leaf Rocket Astra
1 pack(s)
£0.75 / 1 pack(s)

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