Cabbage Wheelers Imperial

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Wheelers Imperial forms wonderful dark green leafy heads with a compact heart. It is also versatile as you can spring sow for autumn harvest as well as autumn sow for the spring! Double the opportunity to enjoy this variety. Price for 20 seeds.

SOW: April/May for autumn harvest (Sept/Oct) also sow July to September for harvesting in spring (March/April).  Start 10-15mm deep in modules and transplant.

GROW: plant out about 5/6 weeks after sowing, protect if the weather turns bad after transplanting but once settled they are fine on their own.  Close spacing will give you smaller heads and greens.  Cut the cabbages as you need them. 

EAT: can be stored in a poly bag for up to a week in a fridge.  We prefer to steam our cabbage but you can cook it in boiling water. To Freeze – shred or cut, blanch for 1 minute, plunge into cold water and drain.

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