Italiko Rosso (Baby Leaf Chicory)

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Featuring bright red stems and ribs and dark green serrated leaves Italiko Rosso is a stunning heirloom. Harvest young for a tangy, colourful salad leaf.  Cut them as you need them, the smaller leaves and the inner ones have a milder flavour.  A useful plant choice for a shaded patch which will also result in a milder flavour. 100 Seeds.

SOW: from early spring right through to the autumn, in modules or in situ (with protection for early and late sowings). 

GROW: for cut-&-come-again start cutting when they are 5-7cm tall.   Keep them well watered particularly in hot weather.  Later sowings can produce leaves through the winter if grown on under cover.  Pick small leaves, and the inner ones, for a milder flavour: at their best no taller than 20cm 

EAT:  simply add whole or shred for your salad mix.  The flavour balances well with stronger flavours from ingredients such as anchovies, mackerel, sharp cheese & sun dried toms.  Lightly cook for a subtle change in flavour and use as a base for cooked vegetables, fish and pasta.

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