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This collection contains one packet each of...

Astra Rocket ~ this little super star can be on your plate 3 weeks from sowing: for salads or just wilt and add to cooked veg such as spinach for a peppery kick (100 seeds)

Catalogna Cerbiatta ~ 40 days until your first taste of this traditional oakleaf lettuce, an AGM winner with Italian roots (150 seeds)

Italiko Rosso CHicory ~ featuring bright red stems and ribs and dark green serrated leaves this heirloom is a stunner. simply add whole or shred for your salad mix orlLightly cook for a subtle change in flavour and use as a base for cooked vegetables, fish and pasta (100 seeds)

Rubino Spinach Leaf ~ pretty red-veined spoon shaped leaves will brighten up your salad mixes from just 3 weeks after sowing (100 seeds).

This includes the following individual products

Astra (Baby Leaf Rocket)
1 pack(s)
£0.75 / 1 pack(s)
Catalogna Cerbiatta (Baby Leaf Lettuce)
1 set(s)
£0.75 / 1 set(s)
Italiko Rosso (Baby Leaf Chicory)
1 pack(s)
£0.75 / 1 pack(s)
Rubino F1 (Baby leaf Spinach)
1 pack(s)
£0.75 / 1 pack(s)

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