Bigger Tomatoes

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Tomato Berner Rose naturally nurtured seed

Heirloom variety with delectable red-pinkish fruits. (12 seeds)

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Tomato Black Russian

Fabulous heirloom: distinctive complex flavoured fruits that mature to dark mahogany-brown.    (12 seeds)

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Tomato Balarga

Firm richly coloured and flavoured beefsteak toms (12 seeds)

£0.60 / pack(s)
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Tomato Costoluto Genovese

Beautiful and delicious. (12 seeds)

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Tomato Couer de Bouef

Outstanding variety, superb for slicing.  (12 seeds)

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Tomato Marglobe

A tasty top tom heirloom choice, good outdoors (12 seeds)

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Tomato Marmande

Full of flavour, funky fruits grow in different shapes.  (12 seeds)

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Tomato Montserrat

Just look at the amazing shape a cut slice forms, delicious too!  (12 seeds)

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Tomato Ponderosa Orange

Heirloom with a fresh, sweet, full bodied flavour. (12 seeds)

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New Tomato Orange Wellington

Bursting with flavour, for breakfast, lunch or dinner!     (12 seeds)

£2.00 / pack(s)

Tomato Vintage Wine

Eye-catching with a tangy sweet flavour   

(12 seeds)

£1.75 / pack(s)
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