Tomato Heinz 1350

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Heinz 1350 – yes, really, this tom was bred by that famous company for making ketchup and sauces and it is still going strong more than 60 years after being introduced.  You too can enjoy these, look forward to high yields of toms, weighing 100-170g each, with skins that slip off easily after plunging into hot water. All of your Heinz 1350 fruits are ready close together ready for you to produce your own reserves. If you prefer they can still be used as a salad tomato.  Determinate

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Did you know that heating tomatoes makes it easier for us humans to absorb the vitamin C and Lycopene they contain.  The perfect excuse to ‘can’ your crop… okay so not really putting them into a can as it is much better to use jars!


You will need to sterilise the jars and lids – follow the instructions with the recipe that you select. Your recipe should also give you the expected storage time

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