Tomato Zlatava

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Zlatava is very special with an amazing orange outer and red like a blood orange inside and the flavour is simply heavenly, irresistible when warmed by the sun but try to get some to the salad bowl! The fruits are heart shaped and weigh about 80g (perfect salad size).  They are happy growing outdoors or with protection.  Indeterminate   


SOW: about 6-8 weeks before the last frost is expected sowing in modules (seed depth 5mm, cover or put on a windowsill).  Earlier sowing (from Jan) possible with warmth. Transplant when large enough to handle and pot on.  For outdoor growing harden off and plant after frost danger has passed


GROW: plant in a sunny sheltered part of your garden or greenhouse.  For the best flavour keep soil evenly damp (don’t over-water or overfeed).  Indeterminate Zlatava can grow tall and will need supporting.  It will bloom, set new fruit, and ripen fruit all at the same time throughout the season.  Can be grown as a cordon.


EAT:  heavenly flavour, stunning looks 

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