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Crystal Lemon is so different and a real eye opener (we know because we have grown it). Both vigorous and prolific, the round pale fruits are suitable for outdoor growing. You can allow the plants to grow close to the ground and where they are quite happy to scramble around. Price for 4 seeds

SOW: inside in April/early May in individual pots, keep moist (not waterlogged) and warm, ready to start to harden off once the plants have 2/3 leaves

GROW:  harden off over a couple of weeks before planting out.  They prefer a sunny and sheltered site; you may need to protect them from wind while they settle in.  Crystal Lemon is happy to scramble around close to the ground or it can climb a sturdy trellis or canes.  Keep plants weeded and well-watered.  Mulch if possible, they respond to a mid-season liquid feed too! 

EAT: a round yellow cucumber – enjoy. 

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