Tomato Marglobe

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Smooth, tasty, firm fruits that have been popular since the 1920’s. They have a lovely flavour. The fruits are a larger salad size (not big enought to be thought of as a small beefsteak!). This heirloom variety copes well with damp summers: it is BLIGHT TOLERANT. They are often cited as a parent to modern hybrids because of their excellent qualities: a top-tom choice Determinate

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This variety, Marglobe, being determinate, stops growing when fruit sets on the top bud. All the fruits ripen at about the same time (usually over period of 1- 2 weeks).  This makes it a good choice for turning at least part of your crop into paste or suace which can be kept for use over the winter and into the spring.  In America using fruit like this is ofter called canning even though they are stored in glass jars, a refenece to the industrial process of preserving tomatoes. 

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