Tomato Garnet

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Garnet  – British bred, a large cherry with a sweet and tangy flavour. Beautiful bronze-red fruits, that go well with rich cheeses and fish, are produced on long elegant trusses.  They are resistant to cracking and have a long cropping season - will produce right through to later autumn.  Inderminate

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Indeterminate tomatoes continually grow, flower and fruit throughout the season until autumn frosts set in. Garnet have a notably long season with lovely fruits right to the end. 


You can grow these as a cordon… this means keeping a single centre stem tied into a tall cane and removing the side shoots.


You can also fan train them which is particularly good if you are growing against a wall or fence.  This time you can keep 3-5 stems and train them out in a fan shape to spread them out.  Any more side shoots that develop ought to be nipped out to keep the fan tidy.  Fan training is a bit more fiddly but fun, it works well when you are growing plants in individual containers.  If you are using growbags you won’t have room to fan train all of the plants.


Why try to cordon or fan?  The main advantages are to maintain airflow around the plants, to concentrate some of the plant growth into developing their fruits, and it does make it easier to pick your toms without rummaging through the fragrant foliage.  To be honest we have only cordoned in the last few years… and we start with very good intentions but, by the end of the season, we still seem to end up with a tomato forest!

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