Leek Winter Giant

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Winter Giant is the perfect winter leek, it will stand from late October through to March so you can pick them as and when you need them.   The lovely flavoured solid thick shanks are perfect with almost any winter meal, slice and steam to retain their goodness then eat and enjoy.                 Price for 50 seeds

SOW: seeds at 1cm deep under glass in January and February or protected in March & April. We sow our leeks in modules rather than a seed bed.  Move to a cold frame from late April & harden off ready to plant out in May or June

GROW: make holes with a wide dibber about 30cm apart and pop one leek in each.  Water the leek into the hole and let the soil wash in but try not to get soil in between the leaves.  You don’t have to fill the hole – the leek will do that as it grows.  If it is dry after planting water gently every day but otherwise just leave them to grow!

EAT: lift over the winter when you need them, slice, steam and enjoy.  A cheese sauce is a lovely way to serve them and for a bit of crunchy texture add a crumb topping.

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