Carrot Autumn King

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This is late maturing variety (September to December) that stores well and can be sown from April to June. They really need 18-24 weeks growing time so are a good choice for a late crop or if you have a long growing season. They do prefer lighter soil. This carrot is a good all-rounder for kitchen use, tasty raw or cooked. Price for 150 seeds

SOW:  at no more than 10mm deep from April to June, these need 18-24 weeks to mature.  In April/May warm the soil with the cloches before sowing or wait for warmer weather.  Remember to dig the soil thoroughly.   Sow sparingly to avoid the need for too much thinning.

GROW: keep moist and weed free – they don’t like the competition.  

EAT: enjoy the flavour when pulled fresh from the garden.  Can be stored in a poly bag in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.  To Freeze - slice or dice larger carrots, freeze baby carrots whole, blanch for 3 minutes, plunge in cold water, drain and pack into convenient sized potions.

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