Broccoli Rudolph

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With Rudolph you can look forward to a very tasty harvest of good sized purple heads. Choose to sow early (April/May), for an October/December harvest, or slightly later (June) for eating fresh in January/February.  Price for 24 seeds

SOW your broccoli seeds 10mm deep.  For a succession sow an early variety first, then later varieties, with Rudolph you can make two sowings for a longer harvest


variety jan feb mar april may june july aug sept oct nov dec
Cardinal     h S/H S/H S            
Purple Sprouting Early   H H S S            
Purple Sprouting Late     h S/H S/H   t t        
Red Admiral F1 H (H) (H)   S (S) (S)         H
Red Blaze F1     s S S S t t/h h h H H  
Rudolph (H) (H)   S S (S)       H H H
White Sprouting   H S/H S/h S              
S main sowing                        
t transplant                        
H main harvesting                        
s early or late sowing possible                        
h early harvesting                        
(H) late harvest possible                        

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