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These perfect summer choices will keep the flavours coming in from your garden for many weeks to come.  They are ideal for popping into the gaps that you create as you are harvesting earlier veggies. This collection contains one packet each of...

Carrot Nantes ~ long, strong roots with a good colour, flavour and texture crops until late October 

Chicory Sugar Loaf ~ creamy coloured and sweet tasting hearts over a long season, shred in salads or lightly cook, edible flowers in their second season                 

Lettuce Meraviglia D’Inverano San Martino ~ this is superb, a delicious & compact variety that can be sown from July to December!

Spring Onion Tipika ~ lovely, vigorous and with a delicious tang that increases over time

Pak Choi Purple Rain ~ stunning and delicious either in salads or cooked, will resprout for repeat cropping

Turnip Goldana ~ lovely flavour, tender creamy yellow flesh to enjoy as enjoy as mash, roasted, or in soups and casseroles.  Can also be grown for tops

This includes the following individual products

Carrot Nantes naturally nurtured seed
1 piece(s)
£0.60 / 1 piece(s)
Turnip Goldana
1 piece(s)
£0.60 / 1 piece(s)
Chicory Sugar Loaf (Pain De Sucre)
1 piece(s)
£0.60 / 1 piece(s)
Spring Onion Tipika
1 set(s)
£0.60 / 1 set(s)
Pak Choi Purple Rain F1
1 pack(s)
£0.75 / 1 pack(s)

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