Chicory Sugar Loaf (Pain De Sucre)

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Awarded an AGM by the RHS, Pain De Sucre (Sugar Loaf)  has dark green leaves that blanch well in the winter to give you creamy coloured sweet tasting hearts. It stands well for a long period giving you a productive crop for the winter months. You can also enjoy this as a baby leaf in your salads earlier in the year.  Price for 40 seeds

SOW: from early spring right through to late autumn, in modules or in situ (with protection for early and late sowings)

GROW: for cut-&-come-again start cutting when they are between 5 & 7cm tall.   Keep them well watered particularly in hot weather.  Late sowings can produce leaves throughout the winter if grown on under cover.  You can thin spring and summer sowings to 20-25cm apart and let them heart up or start them in modules and transplant. 

EAT: shred for your salad mix or lightly cook for a subtle change in flavour.  In the second season they will run to seed but produce beautiful flowers which can also be eaten in salads! 

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