Turnip Goldana

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Turnip Goldana has a lovely flavour and tender creamy yellow flesh – we think that they are the best choice for mashing but are also delicious roasted.  Price for 100 seeds


For ROOTS March to August in situ and at 10mm deep. Sow sparingly to minimise need to thin seedlings as the roots do not grow well if they are touching, you may need to thin the seedlings to give them enough space but any thinnings can be eaten as greens. Water a regularly in dry weather. Goldana can be pulled as a mini veg after about 7-8 weeks otherwise the roots are ready 10-12 weeks after sowing. peel before cooking and enjoy them mashed, roasted, in soups and casseroles. To Freeze – peel, dice, blanch for 2 minutes, plunge into cold water, drain & dry with a paper towel, pack in meal sized amounts.

For GREENS and TOPS sow from August to September & during October sow under cover, seed depth is 10mm.  For the best flavour cut when 10-15cm high and leave to resprout.


Turnip greens can add flavour and texture to braised and sauteed dishes. Simply rinse the greens well, dry, chop and cook like you would kale or collards, adding salt, bacon, butter, lemon, cider vinegar, or anything else that will help soften them and blend with the flavour.  Turnip greens have a mild peppery zing to them can add a pleasing bite to stir fry, quiche and stews. 

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