Tomato Clementine naturally nurtured seeds

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Clementine produces big trusses of little golden-yellow/orange fruits… you could say clementine coloured! These lovely fruits, 5-10g, have a sweet-tart flavour with a hint of citrus.  The plants are a good choice for growbags or if you use a grow house as they can be placed a bit closer than other varieties.  Indeterminate


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No tomato can manage any degree of frost – their origins are tropical after all.  So however you start your seeds it is the timing that is the real secret.  And knowing your last expected frost date unlocks that secret: this can range from mid-May for SW costal locations right through to mid-March for central and northern places.  There are frost calculators available on the web and local knowledge is a great help – particularly if you are in a frost pocket or growing on a more northerly aspect. 


Aim to sow your toms about 4-8 weeks before your last frost, potting them on at 4 weeks to give them a boost and more root growth – plus this allows you to coddle them if the weather is cooler than expected.  Be cautious and only start to harden off after you have passed your last expected frost date, keeping a very close eye on the weather, and plan to plant out about 3 weeks after your frost date.  You should have sturdy young plants ready to romp away and reward you with lots of delicious tomatoes.


There are some varieties that are more suited to cooler weather and can be planted earlier with protection.


Indeterminate tomatoes will continue to produce fruit until the first autumn frosts strike.

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