Oriental Pak Choi Rosie Choi F1

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Rosie Choi grows into a classic vase shaped pak choi with pale stems supporting large reddish-purple coloured leaves.  Just 7 weeks to full size when they reach about 40cm tall.  This variety can also be used as a baby veg once they reach 10cm tall. Why not grow as a super edible edge to a veg bed or a row in a window box   Price for 50 seeds


SOW: through the spring and summer with last sowing 6 weeks before frost frosts are expected.  Seed depth 5mm.  You can sow in modules and plant out when young (ideal if sowing in succession). 


GROW: space 20-25cm apart for larger heads and 10-15cm for baby veg at other times (best spacing and size when summer harvesting).  In early spring grow with protection and in the autumn use cloches to extend the season and pick into early winter.  This Rosie Choi will make a neat edible edging plant in your garden, the baby veg are very happy in containers.


EAT: simply cut mini veg heads in half and braise, larger heads can be sliced up before steaming or stir frying.   The stems and flowering shoots nice and tasty.  Very young leaves are lovely in a mixed salad.

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