Oriental Mustard Leaf Osaka Purple naturally nurtured seed

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This will produce large plants with broad lightly crinkled leaves: these develop a deeper dark red as the weather turns colder. You harvest both the leaf and stem for use in stir fry or steam them – of course they are a delightful salad ingredient too and quick as you can start to pick leaves just a few weeks after sowing.  Price for 50 seeds

SOW:  from spring through the summer to autumn.  Starting the seeds in modules enables you to transplant at the 2/3 leaf stage; for really good crops in winter transplant under cover

GROW: this speedy crop needs just a few weeks before you can harvest leaves for salads.  Allow another 6-7 weeks and you can harvest the whole plant.  With regular picking the plant will be productive over a longer period.

EAT: in salads (lovely colour and flavour and also very useful to add to a range of winter leaves) or lightly cooked by steaming or in a stir fry. 

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