Chinese Amaranth Passion (bicolour)

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This variety is just a bit special with each fresh green leaf liberally doused with a rich plum red, a true bi-colour. (100 seeds) 

For your salads use the young leaves which have a mild flavour.  Allow your Passion plants to grow a little more and they are ideal for steaming, stir-frying or soups with a tangy spinach like flavour.  We have enjoyed them as the leafy ingredient in saag in place of spinach.

Price for 50 seeds. 

SOW: in the spring & summer, you can start these in trays to plant out when they reach about 5cm tall after being hardened off.  You can also start them in situ by sowing thinly.  You can grow these as a baby leaf at any time of the year on a window sill.

GROW & EAT: form  an eye-catching edible edge to a bed and used as a cut-and-come-again salad crop, start picking when they reach 10cm tall.  Picking just above a leaf will encourage your plants to bush out quickly to be picked again. Larger leaves can be steamed, stir-fried or added to soup (and even curries).  Please be aware that a few plants may have plain green leaves

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