Oriental Mustard Leaf Green in Snow

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This is an excellent flavoured variety. It is very useful as a winter green as it will stand in severe cold weather. Each plant will produce about 20 broad leaves. Raw leaves offer a unique blend of very sweet, herbal and cabbagey flavours with a touch of spiciness. You can enjoy Green In Snow over a long time as you can sow n the Autumn and also in the spring

SOW: Choose to sow in the spring or in the autumn (or both!). Starting the seeds in modules enables you to transplant at the 2/3 leaf stage; for really good crops in winter transplant under the cover of cloches.  These are also a good choice for growing in a polytunnel or unheated greenhouse

GROW: it just grows! Space at 10-30cm depending on the size of plant you want. Keep watered in very dry weather, harvest after 8-14 weeks (a little longer in the coldest weather). Green in Snow will produce about 20 broad leaves; it stands well in cold winter weather without adverse effects.

EAT: enjoy the unique flavour – sweet, herbal and cabbage with a hint of spiciness - superb steamed (cook just like you would cabbage) or stir fried: simply slice, chop or shred the leaves.

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