Cucumber White Wonder

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For over 100 years gardeners have been enjoying this fabulously crisp cucumber. White Wonder fruits grow to about 15cm long and are a beautiful pale creamy-white, perfect for slicing or dicing for tasty salads. The strong plants start to produce quickly. Price for 4 seeds.

SOW: inside in April/early May in individual pots, keep moist (not waterlogged) and warm, ready to start to harden off once they have 2/3 leaves

GROW:  Harden off over a couple of weeks before planting out.  They prefer a sunny and sheltered site; you may need to protect them from wind while they settle in.  Alternatively grow them in the more sheltered environment of a greenhouse.  Keep plants weeded and well-watered (from the bottom).  Mulch if possible, they respond to a mid-season liquid feed too! 

EAT: perfect for slicing or dicing for tasty salads

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