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Cucamelons are aso known as mouse melons.  These grape sized fruits, growing in profusion on tall slim vines, taste of pure cucumber with a tang of lime; fresh, crisp and tasty. They are happy growing outdoors, pest & drought resistant, and you can train them upwards or even let them trail from a hanging basket.  Price for 10 seeds.

Full growing instructions are included with your seeds...

EAT & ENJOY: The fruit can be eaten straight off the plant.  Harvest them when they are the size of a grape, but still nice and firm,

The best for salads are the tender ones less than 2.5cm in size – simply squeeze gently to feel how tender they are. 

You can slice them into salads or sandwiches, put out a bowl full as a handy snack or serve with cheese, pop them into lunchboxes:  anything you would use a cucumber for try with cucamelon.

You can also chop them up to put into salsas for additional flavour and texture or pickle them whole.  I have heard that they can be stir fried but this is not something that I have tried but I am looking forward to seeing if I can pop them in with roasted peppers… 

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