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Onza is a thin skinned rarity from Oaxaca Mexico, quite warm with a mildly sweet taste and fruity fragrance.  Traditionally used in soups and salsa but really an all-purpose chilli for seasoning, drying, pickling and for fresh consumption.  Plant height up to 90cm & bushy, chillies ripen to bright red & reach 5000-15000 SHU

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SOW: from February to April, indoors in a warm soil in trays or modules barely covering the seeds as they need light to germinate (can take 10-21 days, warmth at 21C can help).  Water the soil, not the foliage, too much moisture is as bad as none – remember three words: waterlogging, cold, dead!  When they reach the 2/3 leaf stage they can be potted up. Wait until June before moving plants outside (harden off first) to a sunny, sheltered position or grow them in the greenhouse 


GROW: water well and allow the surface to dry between times, after the first flowers appear, feed weekly alternating between liquid seaweed & a weak tomato feed.  Pinching out the growing tip will encourage a bushier plant that may only need a small stake and can produce earlier fruit.


ENJOY: chillies ripen to a bright red, don’t leave them on the plants as this can slow down the production of more fruits.  An all-purpose chilli is perfect when you can only grow one variety

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