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Heirloom Orozco has stunning almost black stems and foliage that is purple tinged through to variegated crimson, white and dark green.   With a heat range from hot to very hot (up to 150,000SHU) each little fruit has a spicy kick – mouth-watering and possibly eye-watering too.  The upright fruit mature through a myriad of colours - deep purple, florescent green, yellow and orange and finally bold red when ripe.  The medium height plants like a warm position.  Price for 10 seeds


SOW: from February to April, indoors in a warm soil in trays or modules barely covering the seeds as they need light to germinate (can take 10-21 days, warmth at 21C can help).  Water the soil, not the foliageand not too much – remember three words: waterlogging, cold, dead!.  When they reach the 2/3 leaf stage they can be potted up. Wait until June before moving plants outside (harden off first) where they will flourish in a sunny, sheltered position on a south facing wall or grow them in the greenhouse 


GROW: continue to water well and allow the surface to dry between times. Pinch out the growing tip to create a smaller bushier plant that will only need a small stake and produce slightly earlier fruit.  After the first flowers appear, feed weekly alternating between liquid seaweed & a weak tomato feed


ENJOY: grill or bake, add a kick to casseroles & curries, pizza, salsa or be brave and add to a salad… the heat level is very dependant on the growing conditions and the ripeness when picked.   Pick all ripe red chillies to void slowing down the production of more fruits. 

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