Cauliflower Aalsmeer

Cauliflower Aalsmeer

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These vigorous caulis produce high quality white curds with a super flavour: sow in May and June for harvest in April and May the following year, needless to say the long wait is well worth it. Aalsmeer are very frost hardy and can be grown without protection. An AGM winner that can go on and produce multiple curds and side shoots that add to your harvest. Price for 18 seeds.

SOW & GROW: in May & June at a seed depth of 15mm.  We start all our cauliflowers in pots or modules under cover to give them a good root system & then transplant.  Transplant about 6 weeks after sowing to final position in firm ground.  Space about 60cm apart.  Regular watering is essential: cauliflowers do not like to get dry.  This is an overwintering variety for harvesting in April/May time next year.  Cut the curds when they are tight and firm – don’t leave them on the plant too long. 

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