Carrot Flyaway F1

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No problems with carrot fly - easy to grow
from on 18/09/2015
To be honest, I was lucky not to have any problems with carrot fly on my allotment at all this year (although others nearby did), but this variety were easy to grow, sown in May, they looked after themselves and produced nice, uniform carrots which were of a decent size by the time I started harvesting them in early September. I can certainly vouch for the high germination rate too - whilst I was sowing, I slipped over in some mud and scattered a handful of the seeds as I fell. Wherever I must have dropped one, they popped up a few weeks later - and I have since harvested healthy carrots from the path, the onion bed and two from under my bean wigwam (how did they get under there!??). If they grow everywhere from just being scattered at random and no other attention, they must be good seeds!

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