Calabrese De Cicco

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This quick growing Italian heirloom can be harvested between late spring and autumn depending on when you sow the seeds.  The main head is cut when small (about 7cm) it is followed by a high yield of succulent side shoots – very yummy.   Price for 20 seeds

SOW: between March and mid-July, seed depth about 10mm.  You can sow these in succession every 2 weeks or so to spread out your harvest.  We like to start calabrese in pots and plant out at the 2/3 leaf size. 

GROW: they will need watering – becoming thirsty upsets them.  Remember that the main head of De Cicco is small so don’t wait too long for it to grow; it can be ready to harvest from 10 weeks after transplanting. This variety will then produce lots of smaller side shoots that are delicious. Picking regularly will encourage even more shoots. 

EAT:  we like to lightly steam our calabrese and enjoy it fresh but it can also be frozen.  To Freeze – blanch for 2 minutes, plunge into cold water, drain and pack.

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