Broccoli Red Fire F1

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Red Fire F1 boasts beautiful and deliciously tender spears, the open habit makes picking easy, with the main harvest followed by a second flush about 10 days later... make at least 2 sowings of this outstanding variety to maximise the cropping period.  Average yields of 300-350g of vibrant spears per plant!


Price for 24 seeds


SOW: in a seed bed or in pots May to July (15-20 mm seed depth) plan for two sowings to spread your harvest between January and early-March depending upon the sowing date and location.


GROW: plant out when large enough leaving 40-50cm between plants.  You may need to stake in a windy garden, height to 60cm.  Pick the shoots before the flower buds open, keep picking to encourage more shoots, after the main harvest there will be a second flush about 10 days later.


EAT: for the best flavour steam or stir-fry soon after cutting.  Try serving with white sauce, hollandaise, sprinkled with cheese or just with butter &/or garlic. Florets can be kept bagged in the fridge for 3-4 days.

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