Cabbage Tundra F1

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A fabulous winter cabbage with has one of the longest harvest periods – from November to March. Sow Tundra from mid-April to July and look forward to eating the tasty dark green dense heads throughout the winter. This savoy type has lovely crinkled leaves. As a bonus it is also suitable for close spacing. Price for 20 seeds

SOW: in modules or pots from mid-April to July.  Seed depth 10-15mm

GROW: plant out about 5/6 weeks after sowing.  Close spacing will give you smaller heads.  Cut the cabbages as you need them between November and March.  

EAT: enjoy a winter treat: finely shred and fry with chopped bacon (very naughty but very nice too!).  Of course you can boil or steam Tundra.  Instead of frying you can braise it (with lean bacon and raisins) and use it as a base beneath baked fish… yum yum yum!

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