Beetroot Jannis naturally nurtured seed

Beetroot Jannis naturally nurtured seed

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BEETROOT JANNIS ~ super variety with a very long sowing period 50 seeds SOW: under glass in Jan/Feb for crops from May, sow in the open from mid-March to August. Make several sowings for a continuous supply. August sowings may need protection later. GROW: Beet seeds are actually a cluster and will require thinning, alternatively pull some for use when young & leave the rest to grow on. Keep weed free and try not to let the soil dry out. Ready for harvest from 9-12 weeks after sowing. EAT: raw beetroot can be grated into salads try this mixed with cous-cous or eat when cooked either hot or cold. Cook young leaves and stems like spinach or eat raw in salads. To Freeze – cook until tender, rinse, drain and dry, peel and cut off roots, freeze small beets whole, slice or dice larger ones.

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