Tomato Lizzano F1

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Great in hanging baskets
from on 24/07/2023
First time growing Lizzano and amazed at how easy it has been despite a really poor summer this year. I'm growing one in the ground, and the rest in hanging baskets and there are so many tomatoes that I'm looking forward to some sun to ripen them! (Fingers crossed we get some sun!) I will only grow blight resistant varieties now, and this seems to be a really great plant to choose.
from on 15/09/2022
Outstanding crop. Been growing Tom's over 50 years, never had a cherry type so fruitfull. 6 plants from 6 seeds, picked over 15 kilos (got fed up weighing after that). All started inside, then in large pots on staging near the back door.
Very sweet, very easy.

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