Tomato Defiant

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Defiant definitely makes a statement for flavour and BLIGHT RESISTANCE, featuring smooth globe shaped fruits with a deep red colour. Suitable for indoor or outside use, perfect for salads or slicing.  Determinate

Price for 6 seeds


SOW: can be sown from January to April, seed depth 5mm (early sowings like 18-21°C in a propagator or put on a windowsill).  Transplant when large enough to handle and pot on.  For outdoor growing harden off and plant after frost danger has passed from about mid-May.


GROW: plant in a sunny sheltered part of your garden or in a pot.  You can grow this in a greenhouse.  For the best flavour keep soil evenly damp.  Defiant is determinate, reaching 100cm it needs staking and will stop growing when fruit sets on the top truss. All the fruits ripen at about the same time (usually over period of 1- 2 weeks).


EAT:  perfect for salads or for slicing 

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