Swede Laurentian

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SWEDE LAURENTIAN ~ with bright purple skin on the upper two-thirds of the smooth root Laurentian’s good looks hint at the rich flavour this variety will add to your soups, stews and casseroles. Good for storage 60 seeds SOW: from May to June, when the soil has warmed a little. Prepare their position by raking to a fine consistency and remember to sow very thinly – their final spacing needs to be about 10cm apart. GROW: keep weeded and water in dry weather otherwise they will not thrive, thin them out if necessary. Ready to lift in the autumn when they reach 10-15cm in size. EAT: Slice or cube and add to stews and casseroles. You can also peel & cook then mash or puree: this will help thicken soups and stews as well as adding the rich flavour.

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